What are my hopes and dreams?

I want to contribute to my local graphic design community, so it can continue to grow and flourish.

I want to have more real conversations with my peers in the graphic design industry. Conversations like failure, fear and vulnerability. I really want to see more bravery come from my fellow designers, by opening these conversations.

I want to live a life where I serve strangers and friends alike. I want to help people get back on their feet, so they can live fruitful lives within their own means.

I want to help people see they are enough.

Want to know some fun facts?

I was born in New Orleans, raised in Ponchatoula (Louisiana) and I am currently working in Baton Rouge.

In 2013, I graduated with my BA in Fine Arts, concentrating in Graphics Design from Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.

I am proud to be the in-house graphic designer for Louisiana Farm Bureau since August 2013.

I am very close to my family -- two sets of wonderful parents, four loving brothers, one inspiring sister and one amazing brother-in-law and one beautiful sister-in-law. Did I mention my niece and nephew who rock?!

When I'm not designing, I'm taking care of my health by working out, cooking and attending weekly yoga and meditation. I also read a lot self improvement books and I am currently researching the importance of vulnerability as a creative.

Who I am?

I am Monica Michelle Velasquez, and I am the in-house graphic for Louisiana Farm Bureau by day, and an aspiring motion designer by night (when I'm not being Batman). I enjoy being a graphic designer who is constantly learning and growing and I enjoy living a very simple and peaceful life. 

Where I am?

While I am originally from the small, strawberry town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, I currently work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Want to hang out or just want to say hello? Send me an e-mail at monimichvela@gmail.com.