Here We Go Again: Creative South 2015 Recap

Last April, I attended my very first graphic design convention in Columbus, Georgia -- Creative South. I heard so many great stories about this conference that I had to experience it for myself. Flying solo with no worries, I was excited to see what this conference was all about. Boy was I in for a treat. 

I registered for two workshops, attended as many lectures as I could, went to the mixer party to mingle and I'm happy to say that left inspired and refreshed. I also met great friends that I'm happy to say I've kept in touch with over the past year. Seeing all of the designers grow as people and professionals in a year has been astounding. I didn't get the full Creative South experience, as I had to leave early to be somewhere just as important as the conference, but I didn't feel like I missed anything. I learned so much, met and networked with great people and I got the experience I was looking for. I left last year's conference completely satisfied and with more confidence than before. 

Now here I am a year later -- getting ready for my second year at Creative South. I've already seen some familiar faces and met some new ones, including the man behind the magic Mike Jones! I'm filled with excitement for today's workshop. All of the knowledge to be shared by the speakers, all of the new people that I'll meet and saying hello again to old friends. It's a package deal that I'm thrilled to open. I'm even happier to be here with friends and I will be able to say I got the full experience of Creative South 2016. As I enjoy coffee at Iron Bank, I'm just waiting for the ride to begin. I'm ready to see what this year's conference will hold.