Let's Get Started

I know you’ve done this — you sat down, browsing on your newsfeed and you got a spark of inspiration from a post. It may have been a post about someone starting a 30-day challenge or you saw a pin for a new diet to try, but either way you said “I’d love to do that”. You save the post and you tell yourself “I’ll start tomorrow”.

Tomorrow shows up. You have everything you need to start the challenge. However, you don’t show up. You’re not ready. You woke up in a bad mood or you’re just not feeling it. It’s ok. You’ll just start tomorrow. No big deal. What's one day?

Tomorrow shows up again. You still have everything you need to start the challenge. However, you still don’t show up. You come up with another excuse. You’ll just start tomorrow.

See the vicious cycle? You’re just waiting for tomorrow and that’s no way to live. You look for and find excuses to start tomorrow instead of finding motivation to start today.

Believe me, I’ve found all of the excuses. “I’m tired from work”, “I’m just not feeling it today”, “One day won’t hurt anything”, “No one will miss one day”. I didn’t see that I was hurting myself. I was robbing myself by putting of everything for tomorrow and I have a feeling you’re doing the same thing with something you’ve been wanting to start.

After finding all of the excuses, I finally found when is the best time to start anything. You start today.

That’s right! Don’t put it off. You’re more than capable of starting today. You can find the motivation, but you have to be willing to let yourself start. Stop trying to find excuses and start looking for the motivation.

Here are some reasons to start today:


That’s right! I bet you’re already regretting putting off that challenge to tomorrow. You’ll wish  tomorrow that you would have started yesterday, so just start today. It’s better to give yourself a pat on the back for starting and continuing than beating yourself up and never starting the challenge. Negative thoughts lead to more negative thoughts and actions and it’s just an ending spiral of regret. Instead, stay positive and start today. With the same principle, positive thoughts lead to more positive thoughts and actions.


Say it’s not your thoughts holding you back, but it’s someone close in your life. Say a close family member or a spouse. They don’t want you to break the routine. “Why start something new when things are going good the way they are now?” They make you second guess yourself, and that’s where you’re cheating yourself. You owe it to yourself to start today. If you want to start something new, go for it! Do you! Don’t let anyone stop you. If they say they’re unhappy with your decision, that’s on them. You’re responsible for your own happiness and no one else’s.


You owe it to yourself to start today. If it's something you've put off and you wished you started before, then yes, you own it to yourself to not put it off one more day. Again, you create your own happiness and if that includes starting a new 30-day challenge or starting to exercise, by all means go for it! Prove to yourself and everyone that you can do anything you put your mind and heart to and you’re in control of your own life.

Today, I’ve decided to stop waiting for tomorrow. I was the one who always said, “I can do it tomorrow. It’s no big deal”. I didn’t realize that I was cheating myself, by putting myself down for not starting sooner. Not much I can do about it now, but start today.

After months of work and planning, my website is finally live. Here I’ll post my work and post a weekly blog. The blog post will vary from project stories, to workflow tips to my travel experiences. One highlight of the blog will be an inspiration profile, where I’ll tell you about someone or a group of people close in my life that have helped pave the path I’m on. Some will be close to me today, others will be friends from the past. Either way, I’m excited to share my stories and experiences with you. And it all starts today.

So you’re asking yourself “What am I waiting for?” Don’t wait for anything. Start today. You’ll be happy tomorrow that you did.